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Est. 1964
Member of:
American Shetland Sheepdog Assoc.
New Jersey Federation of Dog Clubs

Breeder Referral Policy (Revised)

The Club’s Breeder Referral Policy was discussed at the May 23 and 31, 2004 Board Meeting.  The proposed changes were discussed and approved by the members at the June 4, 2004 general members meeting. 


The Club selects one or more persons to act as Breeder Referral contact(s).  Breeders in the club that meet the club’s requirements let the referral person (people) know when they have puppies or older shelties available for sale.  It is the breeder’s responsibility to inform the contact(s) when they do, and when they no longer have, anything available.

It is the responsibility of the Club to refer members that are responsible, ethical, reputable breeders.  In order to do this, it is important that the breeders using this service be known by the members and therefore must be actively involved with the club and abide by the Club’s “Code of Ethics”, Constitution and By-laws.

Therefore, they must:

  • be a member of SSCNNJ for a minimum of one year.  New members or first time breeders must be visited by two members of the club who did not sign their Membership Application to ensure that they meet club’s guidelines for ethical breeders and care of their dogs as set forth in the SSCNNJ Code of Ethics.
  • attend a minimum of  five, or 50% of the general meetings per year
  • work on a club committee.  If no committee position is available, they  will choose to report at a meeting on a dog related seminar they have attended.
  • annually sign that they will abide by the Club’s “Code of Ethics”, be in good standing with the American Kennel Club and abide by Shetland Sheepdog Club of No. NJ’s Constitution /By-laws, and club policies.

Breeder Referral is not an obligation of the Club, it is a service we offer to our members.  Grievances against a member will be addressed and ruled on by the Board in a timely manner. 

Responsibilities of the Breeder Referral Contact:

The breeder referral contact will receive inquiries on behalf of the club.  They refer people to breeders in the club based on what the people are looking for, i.e., sex, age, color, etc.   If the response is by email, the referral contact will “cc” the breeders they have referred. 

Policy Regarding Breeders that do not belong to SSCNNJ:

We understand that there will be times when members will not have what someone is looking for.  When this occurs, the Breeder Referral Contact is to refer people to the Breeder Referral contacts in other Sheltie clubs who will refer them to reputable breeders within their club.  A complete list of Breeder Referral contacts is listed on the ASSA website (  

To be included in the “New Jersey Federation of Dog Club Breeder’s Directory”

Breeders who wish to be listed in the NJ Federation of Dog Club’s Breeder’s Directory must be a member of SSCNNJ for a mininum of one year, attend five or 50% of the general meetings, work on a club committee or report to the club on a dog related seminar they have attended, abide by the Club’s “Code of Ethics, Constitution and By-laws, and be a member in good standing with the American Kennel Club.,  Further, they must  sign the NJ Federation of Dog Club’s Code of Ethics as required by the Federation for inclusion in their directory.  Applications for the directory are reviewed by the Board, and signed off by an Officer.




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