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Est. 1964
Member of:
American Shetland Sheepdog Assoc.
New Jersey Federation of Dog Clubs

Sheltie Colors

Shelties come in various colors... The description from the standard reads:

Black, blue merle, and sable (ranging from golden through mahogany); marked with varying amounts of white and/or tan.   Faults-- Rustiness in a black or a blue coat. Washed-out or degenerate colors, such as pale sable and faded blue. Self-color in the case of blue merle, that is, without any merling or mottling and generally appearing as a faded or dilute tri-color. Conspicuous white body spots. Specimens with more than 50 percent white shall be so severely penalized as to effectively eliminate them from competition. Disqualification-- Brindle.

The Sheltie

About shelties

The official standard

Is a sheltie right for you?

Sables can be either pure-for-sable, or shaded sables (also known as tri-factored or bi-factored sables).

sheltie-pic-TD_059 DILLON-Joanne-Ch_Shandoahs_Color_Me_Badd Chandler4

These two boys were brothers -- the one on the left is a tri-factered sable, and the one on the right is pure-for-sable.  As you can see the one on the left has a lot of dark brown shading.

Tri-colors -- are predominately black, with tan and white markings.   

poko-1st headstudy
2ndHdstudy2 copy

Although you can’t tell it from this photo, this dog is a tri-color.  You had to look very carefully to find the tan points over each eye.  He is what is known as a bi-factored tri.

Blue merles -- blue merle, white & tan

tiger3 Aneita_Christy standing Carlee~3

All of these are blue merles.  As you can see, the blue color is different in each one of these.  The first dog has a very soft blue color, the others are a brighter blue color. If you look carefully, you can see that these dogs are blue merle, white and tan.

Bi-color means two colors

The bi-blue is two colors ...
blue merle and white

The bi-black is black and white