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Guidelines to Purchasing a Shetland Sheepdog

Compiled by the ASSA Regional Advisers

You can identify a reputable breeder by asking the following questions:

  • Do you offer a general health and temperament guarantee upon delivery of dog? Including: Vaccination and worming records? May we contact your veterinarian as apersonal reference?
  • Do you provide a 3-generation pedigree and AKC registration application?
  • Do you certify to your knowlege, your dog is to be free of any hereditary defects affecting its suitability as a pet/companion dog?
  • May we see the dam and possibly the sire to check for good temperment?
  • Do you require spay/neuter terms and limited AKC registration for dogs offered as pets/companions?
  • What is your return policy should the dog develop a serious health problem or any hereditary defect affecting its suitability for the purpose purchased?
  • Would you be willing to offer guidance in the raising, training, and development of this dog?
  • Do you offer a written contract which includes the above stated certifications and necessary requested data?
  • What are your breed affiliations, i.e., club memberships and accomplishments, i.e., breed/performance championships, awards, etc.? How long have you been breeding Shetland Sheepdogs? How many litters do you usually have each year?
  • Should at some time in the future, due to circumstances beyond our control, we become unable to care for our dog, would you be willing to offer assistance in locating an appropriate new home?

Note:  Buying a dog/puppy to become a new member of the family may be costiy,as the dog grows and develops. A budget range should be set aside to purchase and maintain the newest family member. Purchase prices may vary across the country. Know that the purchase price will reflect the expenses of the above tests incurred by the breeder in addition to vet costs, shipping expenses, etc.


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