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Est. 1964
Member of:
American Shetland Sheepdog Assoc.
New Jersey Federation of Dog Clubs

SSCNNJ:  Officer  --  General Duties / Responsibilities

Listed below is an general overview of the duties/responsibilities of officers based
on the Club’s By-laws. 


PRESIDENT *          Term: 1 year         Term limit:  No more than two consecutive terms

  • presides at all meetings of the Club and of the Board, and shall have the duties and powers  normally appurtenant to the office of President in addition to those particularly specified in the By-Laws.

VICE-PRESIDENT *                             Term: 1 year                  Term limit:  No limit

  • has  the duties and exercises the powers of the President in their absence
  • Vice-President functions as Chairperson of the Match Show Committee

CORRESPONDING SECRETARY*    Term: 1 year                   Term limit:  No limit

  • notifies the members of meetings (or can be done via Sheltie Wise)
  • notifies officers/board members of board meetings
  • provides written notification to members of the “proposed slate of officers by July 15.
  • notify Officers and Directors of their election to office
  • keeps a list of Club members and their addresses and telephone numbers, email addresses
  • receives, and responds to club correspondence and carry out other duties as are prescribed in these By-Laws.

RECORDING SECRETARY *             Term: 1 year                      Term limit:  No limit

  • keeps a record of all Meetings of the Club and of the Board and all matters of which a record shall be ordered by the Club.

TREASURER *                                    Term: 1 year                      Term limit:  No limit

  • collects and receives monies due or belonging to the club and deposits monies in bank satisfactory to the Board in the name of Club at the direction of the board; pays club’s debts, ASSA  dues, orders ASSA  medallions, etc.
  • sends out written dues notices in Sept,   Send our reminder notice.
  • Annual Audit:  turns books over to Auditing Committee in Sept (asap after September meeting)
  • reports:
    • Board meetings:  reports on the Club’s finances and every item or receipt of payment not yet reported
    • General membership meetings:  reports may be limited to overall categories of income, expenses, and total monies not yet reported
    • Annual Report (October):  written report to the membership accounting for all monies received and expended during previous fiscal year
  • Treasurer is bonded in such an amount as the Board shall determine.

BOARD MEMBERS: 2                        Term: 1 year                  Term limit:  No limit

  • attend board meetings
  • Board meets a minimum of 5 times a year

* Meeting attendance requirements:  All officers/board members are required to make monthly members and board meetings.  If they miss 2 consecutive board and/or 3 consecutive members meetings they can be impeached / or asked to step down.  See By-laws

* Monthly reports:  All officers will provide a report at the monthly members meeting.  If you cannot attend, please provide the president with a copy of the report prior to day of the meeting.



Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

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List of Officers & Committee Chairs

Officers/Committee Chairs

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Club Policies


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Breeder Referral Policy

  • 2007 Letter from AKC expanding Club Territory

Club Territory

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